Ski Trip 2019

Ski Trip 2019

On the 9th of March 2019, 34 students from Year 8 flew to Geneva (on a TUI airline) and took a 3-hour bus journey, venturing into the snow-covered Alps, to the ClubHotel Piolet – where they were about to experience 24 hours of skiing – for one week. The itinerary included (roughly): a delicious breakfast at 8:00 am; skiing lessons from 9-11 am; lunch at 12 am; skiing from 1-3 pm and dinner at 7:15pm.

“After dinner we had a different evening activity every night, such as: Bum-Boarding, the Winter Olympics, movie night and quiz night. Also, we went on the heart-stopping ‘Speed Mountain’ rollercoaster. Meals included soup, stews, jacket potato, croissants and tomato pasta. In addition, the desserts were excellent as they included: profiteroles, brownies and waffles.”

“The view from our hotel rooms was spectacular; every morning we woke up to a fresh blanket of powder snow on the mountains. We were eventually split into three skiing groups – top, middle and bottom. The instructor’s names were: Remi, Alex and Lia. The slopes included a few races, jumps and even a one with targets that we had to hit with our poles! At one point, when we’d reached the end of the chairlift that took us to the jump slopes (and an ice maze!), we were 2065 metres high! As well as chairlifts, we also took gondolas up to the tops of the slopes.”

“On the last day our instructors came to our hotel and handed us each a badge and a card to show what level we were at and we each took a picture with our instructors.”

“On our day of departure, we took a 3-hour transfer once again (except this time 6 people were sick, two of which repeated this later on) to Geneva airport. Due to the fact that some of their customs scanners were broken, we had to wait in a queue so long that it took 1 hour and 15 minutes just to get through! In fact, by the time that we got on the plane it had been saying ‘Last Call’ for nearly 15 minutes! Fortunately for us though, we did not miss our flight and we all got home safely.”