Modern Foreign Languages

MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) at Wellfield

At Wellfield we aim to create the very best linguists by providing knowledge and skills to succeed.  Throughout their four years in this school pupils broaden their awareness of French and German speaking countries with opportunities to participate in a range of cultural experiences. 

In MFL there are opportunities that enhance linguistic ability with cross-curricular advantages.  For example participation and regional success by KS3 pupils in national competitions organised by Routes into Languages such as Spelling Bee (Year 7).  There is also an annual, educational visit organised to France or Germany where pupils will be actively encouraged to engage with native speakers and develop their oral confidence.

``A different language is a different vision of life.``
Federico Fellini ”

At Wellfield, we see learning another language as not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things. Pupils build on prior knowledge in different contexts where a variety of engaging sources are used to vary the authenticity of language learning.

Teachers at Wellfield know good MFL teaching happens when:


  • Well-paced lessons with a variety of engaging activities
  • Appropriate use of the target language by the teacher
  • Differentiated tasks to challenge all levels
  • A clear sense of progression building necessary skills
  • Pupils can interpret and use vocabulary across a wide range of different contexts

MFL and the 5Cs


As a MFL department we define the language skills our children need and help them recall it by having a carefully planned progression through our curriculum with content and skills clearly defined in our schemes of work which revisit and build on existing knowledge. We offer a curriculum that develops grammatical structures including syntax and vocabulary as well as using the correct terminology and making explicit links to English.


In MFL, we are committed to ensuring that proficiency in another language enables children to interpret, create and exchange meaning within and across cultures. Children are given opportunities to formulate the target language in a variety of contexts, including written and spoken.


Throughout the MFL curriculum, we creatively manipulate the target language to express our own feelings and thoughts. Children construct the language in a number of different ways that enhance their higher order thinking skills.  Examples are through the use of the iPad in lessons when making videos and recordings as well as the use of drama and role-play.


Children are exposed throughout their language learning journey to the diverse cultures of Francophone and German speaking countries and islands. This enables them to see that French and German are world languages which extend further than France and Germany whilst also acknowledging that not all of these countries have the same privileges and lifestyles.


Lifestyles in French and German speaking countries are compared with our own systems such as education and how learning is a different experience for children across the world.

Long Term Plans - French

Long Term Plans - German

Skills Progression