Paris 2019

We are delighted to confirm that we received excellent feedback from our 2018 Year 7 France trip and we are now in a position to move forward with a trip to Paris for travel in June 2019.

We will be staying in the lovely suburbs of Paris, in a beautiful Chateau with sporting facilities and beautiful grounds. Our exact itinerary is yet to be confirmed, but on previous trips we have visited the market town of Brie,  the Sacré-Cœur, and the artists quarters in Montmartre. We will be cruising down the Seine river in the heart of Paris, and of course, we will be enjoying a day of fun at Disneyland Paris.

Listed below is all you information you will require in order to get them 100% ready for their trip.

This page will cover everything from payment, clothing, and communication, to rules and itineraries set by the Wellfield staff.


Please attend our parents meeting on Tuesday 21st May @ 18.30hrs.


Date of Travel

Monday 10th June 2019  – Friday 14th June 2019


Paris, France


Flying from Newcastle International Airport to Paris on Monday 10th June 2019.

Air France Flight: AF1059, 10 June 19 NCL – CDG 11:40/ 14:25

Please meet at Newcastle Airport by 9:15am at the latest.
The meeting point is opposite Greggs.


Returning Paris to Newcastle International Airport on Friday 14th June 2019.
Air France Flight: AF 1158,  14th June 19 CDG – NCL 15:35/16:20


Resort Chateau de Grande Romaine, Lésigny, France

The Château de Grande Romaine belongs exclusively to the tour operator PGL and  is exclusively used by schools. The Château and the itinerary including all the day trips, have been planned carefully with the party leader and the tour operator to ensure our pupils have a great cultural and language experience.


The Château


The perfect base to explore the best that Paris has to offer, Château de Grande Romaine residential centre is enjoyed by schools looking for a French trip with a difference.


Located just 20 miles from the capital, our group is never too far from the inspiring cultural experiences that a visit to the Parisian museums or a cruise along the Seine can provide. It’s a convenient location that benefits from over 70 acres of stunning grounds and woodland for our students to relax in after a busy day of excursions.


They have playing fields, boules pitches, as well as beautiful outdoor grounds and activities that add a different dimension to the learning experience.

Also Disneyland® Paris is only 30 minutes away.


Château de Grande Romaine

Lésigny, 77150 Île-de-France, France

Luggage Allowance

Maximum 23kg. However please bear in mind that the children will need to be able to carry their own case through the airport and hotel, so we do not expect their suitcases to be anywhere near 23 kg! We suggest perhaps 15kg max. It’s also recommended that you keep some weight allowance for your return journey.


Hold luggage: must be a wheeled suitcase that can be carried by the child


Hand Luggage: a small rucksack


Time difference 1 hour ahead

Clothing / Packing List

Paris in June can be lovely but it’s worth mentioning that it’s also one of the wettest months of the year in the city so a waterproof jacket is a must, however, if we are lucky we will have a more favourable ratio of sunny days.  

So bring layers with you to be well prepared and a couple of warm sweaters or hoodies for the evenings.

Please ensure that all items of clothing are named.


Packing List

  • Suitable nightwear (Dressing gowns are not really necessary as the rooms are warm but you might want to bring some slippers, nightwear is only worn when ready to go to bed and is not appropriate for going to the dining hall for breakfast for instance)
  • Underwear, including socks (at least 5 pairs)
  • Long and short-sleeved T-shirts (no crop tops for girls please)
  • One pair of shorts (it might be really warm one day, you never know!)
  • 2 or 3 pairs of trousers /jeans/jogging pants
  • 1 pair trainers / shoes suitable for walking (we will be doing a lot of walking so sensible footwear is required (no heels, please)
  • Sun hat / Baseball cap (in case it’s hot)
  • Swimwear
  • Hat and gloves (in case it’s unusually cold)
  • Waterproof jacket
  • 1 or 2 sets of clothes for evenings (casual clothes)
  • Sun Cream – Factor 30+
  • Washbag and towel for showering (please note towels are not provided)
  • Small rucksack for days out (children will have to carry their own packed lunch every day)
  • Water bottle to keep hydrated

You will also need

    • Food and drink for your journey-Packed lunch is required (excluding drink)
    • Please ensure that your child has a substantial breakfast and has a small amount of GBP for the airport if they wish to purchase a snack and/ or a drink.
    • Children may bring a small number of healthy snacks, please avoid packing excessive quantities of sweet snacks due to travel sickness.  
    • Pocket money
    • Any personal medication
  • Passports and EHIC cards which will be collected at the Parents meeting held at 18.00hrs on Tuesday 21st May 2018- please ensure that you have completed the pupil details form before attending this meeting


Electronic devices and valuables:

Mobile phones & iPads are not allowed on the trip. We will take many photos and happily share these with you. Staff will have a mobile phone for emergency use.

We strongly advise that your child will not require any electronic devices, jewellery/valuables etc. however if you feel that this is essential please see below:

  • Pupils must take responsibility for any items, please ensure they are covered on your home insurance if you have concerns about replacement costs if lost or damaged. The excess on our party insurance is usually in the region of £60.

Please label everything your child brings. Children are responsible for their own belongings – it may be useful to provide a list of items packed. Lost property is hard to track down after a visit and there is a charge for returning items.

Children will have to repack their own cases,  please ensure there is enough space in the case for the obligatory plastic Eiffel Tower, and any other souvenirs they may purchase.


Please ensure that your child has their own valid passport. This should be handed into the school office upon arrival for the parent/ carer information evening.

Passports will be labeled with your child’s name for ease during travel and kept by a member of staff.


The party is fully insured in case of accident; illness requiring a doctor or hospital treatment; loss of personal equipment and personal liability.  In order to make the paperwork easier in France, please complete an application form for an EHIC card and we will be asking for the card to be handed into school with the Passport. (This card will be returned to you after the trip.) The application form can be obtained online;

We also encourage each parent or guardian to go to the PGL’s website  to read and understand the Key Facts and Insurance Policy


All medications (prescription or non prescription) must be detailed on the Medicine form that is returned to school and then packed in hand luggage or split between hand luggage and hold luggage (checked in luggage)- we would advise that even if medicine is not required during travel, a supply is kept with your child in the rare event of lost luggage.


Medicines, medical equipment and dietary requirements. You’re allowed to carry the following in your hand luggage: essential medicines of more than 100ml, including liquid dietary foodstuffs and inhalers

You’ll need supporting documentation from a relevant medical professional (for example a letter from your doctor or a copy of your prescription).

Airport staff might need to open the containers to screen the liquids at the security point. Medical equipment is screened separately.

Accidents / Illnesses

Minor accidents or ailments will be treated by the staff travelling with the party and staff on the premises.  More serious injuries or illnesses will be treated by the local medical services situated in the village. If your child suffers from any illness or allergy, or is taking any medication, please let us know via the forms attached.  Any medicines will be collected in and administered as necessary.

Pocket Money

The amount of pocket money is generally left to the discretion of the parents but should be no more than 20 Euros per day.
Pocket Money should be placed in sealed envelopes,  1 per day, clearly labelled with the child’s name, the date it is to be given out, and the amount in the envelope. 

Additionally, you may wish to give your child some GB Pounds for a drink or snack prior to departure in airport lounge. It is up to the child what they spend their money on. They will be given the opportunity to buy gifts but knives and alcohol are not allowed (these will be confiscated if bought).  Water is provided with all meals but if they require anything else it will need to be purchased. There are vending machines in the foyer of the château.


We will endeavour to communicate as regularly as possible throughout the trip. This will be via SchoolComms and the school Twitter account. Due to the nature of some of the destinations and internet connections we will operate a “no news is good news” at some times however you will be informed on arrivals, departures and with regular updates during the trip.


Although we are away to enjoy ourselves, poor behavior will not be tolerated.  It is a reflection on you, your school and your country. All the basic rules are for your safety and enjoyment.  We will be sharing the hotel with other schools and the children will be expected to respond to all members of staff, not just those from their own school.

There is freedom of movement in the Château’s grounds to a certain extent and always under adult supervision, however when everyone is rounded up after our evening meal and evening activities to go to the rooms, no one is allowed out unaccompanied. Members of staff will make sure all the children are settled for the night.

Basic Rules

  • Some basic rules:-
    • Always conduct yourself in a quiet, sensible manner in and around the château and when we’re out and about for our daily excursions.
    • At no time should a pupil wander off on his/her own.  Groups should never consist of less than 3 people when outside the château and no-one may leave this group.
    • Once sent to bed you must go to bed, not wander around the corridors or make a noise in your room.  It is very important to get enough sleep because the days are very busy and tiring.
    • Do not take glass bottles into your room.
    • Do not go into other people’s rooms unless invited to do so.
    • Do not purchase alcohol of any description.
    • Breakages will have to be paid for.  If your room has any damage in it when you arrive inform a member of staff.
    • Please be punctual for your meals and gathering times before we leave for excursions.
    • Look after your belongings.  
    • Travel in something comfortable. Take a small bag as hand luggage. (a small packed lunch is a good idea) Luggage allowance – 20kgs.  Labels will be given out later.
    • You must eat properly at meal times.  

Excursions / Evening Entertainment


Children are placed in ‘day groups’, 10 pupils to a member of staff.  They will remain in these groups on any excursions away from the PGL centre.

The children will be given the opportunity to go shopping when we visit the village of Brie but also when we go around Sacré Coeur and Montmartre.  There are also many shopping opportunities in Disneyland Paris, which tend to be more expensive, so you may wish to bear this in mind when allocating the spending money envelopes.

In Disneyland, the children are in groups for the different rides and there’s always adult supervision at hand.


Evening Entertainment

PGL Staff provide entertainment in the evenings,  these vary but can include a disco, treasure hunt, quiz night, crepe making, Great Egg Race, Team Games …

Weather Check

Medical Information

Please return a copy of these Medical Forms, and  if required the Medicine Form.


We also require the information below to be completed.


Some of the things we will be doing on the trip.

  • Shopping in the market at Brie
  • River Boat down the Seine
  • Admiring the  view over Paris from the top of Montparnasse
  • Climbing the stairs at Montmartre to visit the Sacré-Cœur, and the artists quarter.  We might even try a crepe or an ice cream.
  • Finding out the secrets of Les Etoiles du Rex
  • Discovering what it takes to build an amazing football stadium at Stade de France
  • And of course,  riding the coasters,  and meeting Mickey at Disneyland Paris!

Parents Meeting Slide Show