Physical Education

Physical Education at Wellfield

Within Pe our content is looking to allow students to develop their independence in leading activities, whereby their confidence in skills, theoretical terms or analytical skills will increase. The curriculum content will aim to develop students’ knowledge about health and fitness, which they can take into their wider life and understand how sport and fitness can benefit them in a physical, social and mental way. 

Our Pe curriculum looks to develop individual, as well as team attributes. Students will build on self resilience and communication, where they should feel open and confident about sharing strengths and areas of improvements to develop as a holistic sportsperson.

Those pupils who grasp concepts rapidly(securely) should be challenged through being offered rich mastery and higher order roles to deepen their knowledge and understanding, while those who are not sufficiently fluent with earlier material should consolidate their understanding, including through additional practice, before moving on. When possible, pupils should apply their knowledge and performance skills across the curriculum in other subjects.

“Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong” - Robert Kennedy

At Wellfield, we understand the importance of encouraging a lifelong love of health and fitness. Children will be exposed to different sports, including individual and team based activities, and will be given the opportunity to communicate analytical skills, team-work and develop confidence in sporting rules and as a performer.

Teachers at Wellfield know good Physical Education teaching happens when:


  • Children are taught interesting and engaging lessons that develops their love of learning
  • Children are given opportunities to widen their knowledge and deepen their understanding.
  • Children are supported and challenged in lessons and have independent opportunities to stretch and challenge themselves.
  • Good quality performance is modelled with analytical discussions.

PE Funding Grant 2022-2023

Physical Education and the 5Cs


In Physical Education, learning and performance builds on prior knowledge and skills, allowing progression in practical and theoretical understanding. Skills and rules are linked from one sport to another, as well as introducing new skill development which will then be built on throughout the course of the scheme throughout their years at Wellfield (e.g. handball skills (Year 7 and 8), are built on basketball skills and rules (Year 6), and these are built from certain aspects of netball(Year 5).


Throughout the Physical Education curriculum, students are able to develop a variety of oral communications which are transferable across subjects. They are taught how to verbally identify strengths and weaknesses of their peers and themselves and then develop this further by analysing how this could be helping/hindering their skill, as well as what they could do differently to improve. Children are taught how to verbally communicate these skills and then develop this by using a variation of written communications, in which they can keep coming back to and improving and adapting as their skills progress.


Throughout the Physical Education curriculum, students will cover a variety of diverse and relevant topics. Children are given the opportunity to explore and trial problem-solving activities, and are given a lot of opportunity to create new warmups, activities, conditions and rules to support learning. Children are given the chance to consider different perspectives, different groupings, and take risks and make choices to explore their creativity. 


Through a variety of relevant Physical Education topics, children are encouraged and exposed to various topics in which they consider the wider links in the community. Children can make links to the local, national and international community and events, exploring their results to others and how and why this may differ from lifestyle to fitness characteristics. Children are exposed to a lot of team building and team activities, this offers them the chance to identify what it is like to be part of a school community and further challenge them to explore teams within the wider community.


Sports chosen in Physical Education allows students to develop self-compassion, when they are developing analytical skills regarding their own performance, but also compassion when in a team environment. Communication and conversations on the wider world and other events will also develop empathy for how different people may feel in different situations.