Religious Education

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

It is our belief that Religious Education should enable Wellfield students to critique and ask questions about the world around them. By reflecting on their own experiences and learning about the experiences and belief systems of others, students become critical thinkers. We seek for pupils to form their own justified opinions on matters of religion, the world and citizenship.

At Wellfield, we engage first-hand with all seven of the world’s major religions, inviting both visitors into school and attending trips off site. These experiences promote the understanding of faith, as well as non-faith, communities that co-exist in the local area and the wider world. By creating active and engaged citizens, we hope Wellfield students can “shake the world”.

RE Curriculum
Autumn Spring Summer

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5 and 6

Year 5


Why is moses important to the jewish people?

Why do Jewish people go to the synagogue?


The true meaning of christmas


What do Christians believe about god and jesus



Why is the last supper so important to Christians

Term 5 and 6


Why do people travel to sacred places?

Year 6 The Environment (in relation to Buddhism, Hinduism & humanism) How & why do people care for the environment? Christianity What do the gospels tell us about the birth of Jesus? Islam and Diversity What can we learn about religious diversity in our area? What can we find out about a local muslim community? Christianity Easter Why are good Friday and Easter day the most important days for Christians? Term 5 and 6 Prayer How and why do people pray?
Year 7 Justice and Freedom What does justice mean? Why do some people with a religious faith get involved in politics? Christianity Christmas How can the arts express beliefs and spirituality? (in relation to christmas) Christianity Can we draw the big picture of Christianity? How do the beliefs of christians have an impact on their lives and communities?


Easter – Crucifixion

Why does incarnation and resurrection matter for christians today?

Term 5 and 6


How do the beliefs of Sikhs affect their daily life and actions?

What do Sikhs believe about the nature of God?

How and why is the Gurdwara important to Sikhs?

Year 8


What does it mean to live as a muslim in Britain today?

What do Muslims believe?

How do the beliefs of muslims affect their daily lives and actions?

How does islamic values affect moral decisions?

Why is ritual important to muslims?



Can miracles happen?

Poverty & Wealth

What do differing worldviews say about wealth and poverty in our world today?

Compare and contrast at least 3 religions/worldviews islam/christianity/humanism




Is death the end?

Term 5


How do people make moral decisions?

Compare and contrast at least 3 religions/worldviews e.g. alcohol, abortion, laws.

Term 6

How does the media portray religion?

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