iPad Leasing Scheme

iPad Leasing Scheme

Wellfield Middle School operates a 1-1 iPad scheme, which means that we ensure every child has access to their own personal iPad, either through our lease scheme, bringing their own iPad into school or via a school owned iPad.  The leasing scheme has provided very popular, with over 90% of our students using a personal iPad.

Nobody is left out in the school scheme and if your child is in receipt of Free School Meals we can offer support.

All of our pupils have their own personal iPad which they carry with them at all times and use in lessons.

These iPads are provided through 3 options.

  • Parents can lease the iPads through the school.   We run a lease signup scheme at the start of each year.
  • Parents can provide their own iPad which is then setup on our school system
  • Pupils can borrow a school iPad.

Option 1: Lease an iPad

For parents / carer’s who would like to purchase a new iPad for their student,  we offer a 3 year leasing scheme for iPads and take orders each September for Year 5 pupils.  The iPads are provided with a sturdy case and a 3 year warranty and insurance policy.  iPads are paid for monthly by direct debit, and the iPad becomes the property of the parents when the final payment is made.

We will be taking orders for Leased iPads in September.  If you have any questions about our iPad scheme, please contact Mr Bateson.

Insurance Policy Document

Option 2:  Bring in your own iPad

If you have chosen to provide your own iPad,  please can you ensure it is capable of running the latest version, iOS 15.

Older Models cannot be upgraded to the latest version of iOS and are not compatible with many of the apps we are using in school.  We also require at least 32GB storage, as we will be installing a number of apps and older 16GB devices will struggle to hold everything.  We only allow the students to connect via Wifi,  any 3G enabled devices must have the SIM Card removed.

Please note devices are brought into school at your own risk,  and  Wellfield Middle School is in no way responsible for:

  • Personal iPads that are broken whilst at school or during school-sponsored activities
  • Personal iPads that are lost or stolen at school or during school-sponsored activities
  • Maintenance or upkeep of any device (keeping it charged, installing updates or upgrades, fixing any software or hardware issues).We would recommend the use of a sturdy case, such as STM Dux which we use on our leased and school owned iPads.

Option 3:  Opt out and use a school iPad

We have a number of school owned iPads which can be provided to students to use in school if this is preferred.   These iPads are assigned to an individual student on a 1-1 basis, but they can only be used for schoolwork and personal apps cannot be installed.

More information about our iPad Lease Scheme.

How we use our iPads

Jamf Parent App

We offer an app to parents which allows them to control their students use of the iPad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t it cheaper to buy one from the Apple Store or John Lewis?

Yes, however the Apple Store only offer a 1 year warranty and John Lewis a 2 year warranty, and neither include an accidental damage insurance policy.

Comparable figures are below, however, if you would prefer to buy one yourself then that’s fine too.

Store Price Case Total Insurance Cost (36 months) Total Cost over 36 month
iPad 32GB £329 £49.95 £161.64 £540.59
iPad 128 GB £429 £49.95 £190.44 £669.39
iPad Mini 64GB £399 £49.95 £161.64 £610.64

Can I provide my own iPad?

Yes, but there are some restrictions.  It needs to be a newer model (iPad Air 2 / iPad Mini 4 or later) with at least 32GB Storage.  We have found that the 16GB iPads do not have enough space to support the apps we use in school, and the apps the pupils wish to use at home as well.


We will need to install our MDM (Mobile Management Device) software on the iPad, and it will be ‘supervised’ by the school.  This process wipes the iPad.  You will then be able to reinstall any apps/movies/music that you have purchased on your own AppleID.


What happens at the end of the 3 years?

As long as all the payments are made, the iPad will be yours to keep, and the children will continue to use them in Year 8 as Bring your own iPad devices.


Who owns the iPad?
The iPad is owned by Wellfield Middle School until the final payment is made at which point ownership is passed to you.

What if my child leaves the school?

You will need to pay the outstanding balance at that time, if you wish to keep the iPad, alternatively it can be returned to school.


Who pays for Apps?

School will push out any required apps using our Management software.  These will be owned by school but exist on your child’s iPad as long as the child is at school.  You can purchase and install age-appropriate apps using your child’s Apple ID and these will belong to you and remain on the iPad permanently.  Some apps will be blocked in school, but will be accessible when the iPad is at home.

How can parents monitor / restrict iPad use?

The management software that we use also provides a parent app, which gives you the ability to restrict use of the iPad at different times or restrict use of specific apps. (Jamf Parent app)


Where will you store iPads during the day?

All students have their own personal locker where the iPad can be stored safely at break/lunch and during PE lessons.


Which case will provided?
The chosen case is the STM Dux case.  This is a good quality case approved by the insurance company.  The iPad must be kept in the case at all times, or the insurance is invalidated.


What happens if a Leased iPad is damaged / lost or stolen?
Our insurance policy covers all accidental damage to iPads.  You will be asked to complete a short online form, and then your iPad will be sent off to the repair company and either repaired or replaced.   Stolen iPads are also covered as long as a police report can be provided.   If an iPad is lost, then as long as it’s still charged we can trace its location.  It’s important to report lost iPads as soon as possible, as it’s much easier to find them when they are still charged.

If you have any other questions,  or would like to discuss support for families in receipt of Free School Meals, please contact Mr Bateson,  rich.bateson@wellfieldmiddleschool.org.uk