iPad Leasing Scheme

iPad Leasing Scheme

Our pupils have been involved in a 1-1 iPad scheme since January 2017 which has proved to be very successful.

The schemes allow pupils to explore their own ways to engage and deepen their knowledge of things they are interested in. It also allows parents to become more involved in the learning process, thus improving communication between pupil, teacher and parent, as well as speeding up assessment and feedback.

All of our pupils have their own personal iPad which they carry with them at all times and use in lessons.

These iPads are provided through 3 options.

  • Parents can lease the iPads through the school.   We run a lease signup scheme at the start of each year.
  • Parents can provide their own iPad which is then setup on our school system
  • Pupils can borrow a school iPad.

Option 1: Lease an iPad

For parents / carer’s who would like to purchase a new iPad for their student,  we offer a 3 year leasing scheme for iPads and take orders each September for Year 5 pupils.  The iPads are provided with a sturdy case and a 3 year warranty and insurance policy.  iPads are paid for monthly by direct debit, and the iPad becomes the property of the parents when the final payment is made.

We will be taking orders for Leased iPads in September.  If you have any questions about our iPad scheme, please contact Mrs B Stephenson.



Insurance Policy for 2017 scheme (Year 8 pupils)

Insurance Policy for other Leases (Y5  / Y6 / Y7 Pupils)

Option 2:  Bring in your own iPad

If you have chosen to provide your own iPad,  please can you ensure it is capable of running the latest version, iOS 13.

The compatible models are

  • iPad (7th-generation)
  • iPad (6th-generation)
  • iPad (5th-generation)
  • iPad mini (5th-generation)
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad Air (3rd-generation)
  • iPad Air 2


Older Models cannot be upgraded to the latest version of iOS and are not compatible with many of the apps we are using in school.  We also require at least 32GB storage, as we will be installing a number of apps and older 16GB devices will struggle to hold everything.  We only allow the students to connect via Wifi,  any 3G enabled devices must have the SIM Card removed.

Please note devices are brought into school at your own risk,  and  Wellfield Middle School is in no way responsible for:

  • Personal iPads that are broken whilst at school or during school-sponsored activities
  • Personal iPads that are lost or stolen at school or during school-sponsored activities
  • Maintenance or upkeep of any device (keeping it charged, installing updates or upgrades, fixing any software or hardware issues).We would recommend the use of a sturdy case, such as STM Dux which we use on our leased and school owned iPads.

Option 3:  Opt out and use a school iPad

We have a number of school owned iPads which can be provided to students to use in school if this is preferred.   These iPads are assigned to an individual student on a 1-1 basis, but they are left in the child’s form room overnight and are not taken home.

More information about our iPad Lease Scheme.

How we use our iPads

Jamf Parent App


We offer an app to parents of pupils in Key Stage 2 which allows them to control their students use of the iPad.

More information and Setup instructions can be found here.