The Curriculum at Wellfield

The Curriculum at Wellfield

The curriculum at Wellfield is designed with the needs of Wellfield children at its heart and incorporates 5 core elements: coherence, communication, creativity, community & compassion.

It is our aim to fully prepare our children for the challenges they will face in life and at the next stage of their education by encouraging them to make links in their learning; develop effective strategies to communicate; think creatively to find solutions and solve problems; understand their place in the world and empathise with people from all backgrounds and faiths.

We believe that our curriculum, embedded with the 5Cs,  will not only provide our pupils with a knowledge and understanding of the National Curriculum but will deliver children with challenging, engaging and stimulating opportunities to apply their learning.

 The 5Cs were developed to meet the needs of our children and ensure that every subject is planned and taught with the children’s needs in mind.


In our learning we make links and connections to what we have learnt before and what we will learn in the future. We look for links in different subjects and know that it is important to understand our place in the world and how what has happened in the past affects us today


In our learning we look for ways to communicate confidently and we know that communication should be clear and effective whether it be written, spoken or electronic. We understand that different audiences require different forms of communication.


In our learning we look for opportunities to be creative and think creatively; we understand this can mean experimenting, taking risks, challenging ourselves and considering different views and perspectives


In our learning we understand that to be effective agents of change we need to have empathy for others and their situations. We understand that diversity enriches our society and that everyone is equal no matter who they are or where they come from.


In our learning we understand that we are an important part of our local, national and international community and look for ways to help, support and raise awareness of issues we are concerned about to help shape the future.