“The purpose of Art is washing away the dust of daily life off our souls” – Pablo Picasso.


In Art, we strive to develop high level of skill within the formal elements whilst deepening our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Art is a subject where pupils can express themselves and enhance their own creativity and independence – valuable skills in today’s ever-changing world.  Our rich and varied Art education seeks to develop pupils artistic interests, creativity and confidence through exploration, experimentation and constant refinement of skills. Art lessons actively engage our learners to think critically about art and how it shapes the world we live in.

In Key Stage 2, pupils explore a wide range of mediums, develop observational and analytical skills whilst learning about other artists, cultures, religions and countries. In Key Stage 3, pupils are taught in preparation for High School by analysing the work of current contemporary artists and following the GCSE assessment strands: Research, Exploration, Refinement and Personal Response.






Term 1.1

Term 1.2

Term 2.1

Term 2.2

Term 2.1

Term 2.2

  Annotate, record, collect, observe, show, mark making. Develop, make connections, understand, research, investigate, apply. Explore processes, mark-making, experiment, develop composition, refine, review, understand restrictions, and demonstrate visually. Respond and present, plan and present, personal response, show connections, research, develop, explore, refine, convince.
5 Illustration Natural World Mexico
Animation and Illustration Art of Recycling South American Art
Jon Burgerman, Quentin Blake, Tim Burton, Oliver Jeffers Drawing, Watercolours, Stop-Motion Jill Pelto and varied artists. 

Painting, Collage, Climate Change

Frida Kahlo / Ana Serrano

Drawing, Painting, 3D, Cultures
6 Body Adornment and Religion Life on Earth Under Water
Adornment in cultures Humans and Animals Protest Art
Day of the Dead Pattern, 3D Clay work, Religion and Art,  Cultures Steven Brown, Jo Fredericks, Charlotte Caron, Mixed media, Collage, Painting Banksy, Shepard Fairey Mixed Media, Drawing. Climate Change
7 Bugs and Patterns Plants and Botanics   Surrealism
Sci Fi and Aliens Botanicals: Art and Science Transformation
Sophie Cunningham Formal Elements, Observational drawing, Colour blending, Printmaking, Creativity Georgia O’Keefe and Rosie Sanders, Medical Books, Drawing, Painting with watercolours, Printmaking, New Media, Observational skills. Salvador Dali, Painting, Photography, Mixed media, Collage.
8 Express Yourself - Contemporary portraits Impressionism Identity
Self-Portraiture and Self-Image Expressionism Time and Journeys
Florian Nicolle, Sandra Chevrier Self-Portraiture, Artist Analysis, Collage, Expression. Post-Impressionism and Expressionism - varied artists, Painting, Oil pastel, soft pastels, Society, Mental Health, Expression Ed Fairburn and varied artists, Drawing, Photography, Mixed Media  Self-Awareness

Over each term, three homeworks will be set. These will be used in conjunction with the current classroom projects and will enhance the pupils skills and ability. It is imperative that homework is completed independently and given a substantial amount of effort and time.


Art is an extremely popular subject at Wellfield Middle School. Pupils are welcomed into the art room during lunchtime to work on personal pieces or to create artwork to install around school. Art and Photography clubs for both KS2 and KS3 take place after school and during lunch breaks (please see newsletter for timings).

The exceptional art education we offer at Wellfield Middle School creatively enhances not only their academic knowledge and skills but also their emotional development and prepares them for life.

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