Ready – Respectful – Safe

At Wellfield Middle School, we are committed to creating a positive environment, where learners feel happy, safe and where exemplary behaviour is at the heart of all our learning. We believe that in order for learners to flourish and become active members of our school as well as the wider world, every member of the Wellfield community, including staff, governors, students and visitors, should model and maintain the highest standards of personal conduct. Everyone is encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, celebrating successes but also making mistakes and learning from them. In this way, we seek to equip learners with the life skills needed to make the right choices as they progress on to high school and into their lives in the wider world. 

Our code of conduct is centered around three values, which are at the heart of all we do. Our strategic plans, our relationships with staff, pupils and the local community, our teaching and learning and our behaviour management are all based on the three core values of Ready, Respectful, Safe. These three values help to keep our school environment a happy one.

Being ready helps to maximize our learning time, ensuring that everyone is able to learn and make progress.

Being respectful is important. Everybody deserves to be respected both inside and outside of school, being accepted for who they are and being celebrated for their differences.

Being safe is vital; everybody has the right to feel safe. At Wellfield, we actively teach students how to stay safe.

Our Code of Conduct:


Be Ready

  • On time
  • Right equipment: pen, pencil, ruler, planner, charged iPad, headphones
  • Right attitude: enter the classroom ready to learn
  • Right uniform


Be Respectful

  • Actively engage in the lesson, listening to the teacher/discussion/talk
  • Follow directions the first time
  • Ask politely if unsure
  • Respect others’ right to learn


Be Safe

  • Listen to all instructions
  • Enter and leave the classroom in a safe manner
  • Use equipment sensibly

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