Values and Ethos

Our Aims and Philosophy

We are proud of our school, our staff, and our students.  Our hope for our school is that it is an exciting place to learn,  a place where our students have the opportunity to become involved in a whole range of learning experiences using modern resources and facilities.  A place where everybody is passionate and enthusiastic about learning and where the timetable and curriculum are varied, balance as well as flexible and innovative.

A place where our students and staff feel valued and work together as partners in learning.  A place where students feel safe and happy and cared for as individuals.  A place where parents are always made welcome and their concerns and anxieties listened to and taken seriously.


Our School Aims

  • To create a happy, caring and stimulating environment.
  • To encourage a sense of community and responsibility.
  • To encourage a positive attitude to learning.
  • To prepare our students for their future.
  • To develop self awareness and positive self image.


Our Core Values

Wellbeing: To keep ourselves and others around us safe and healthy so that we develop into a mature and understanding person. To be able to cooperate with all members of the school community in a polite and positive manner.

Excellence: To be proud of our personal achievements and to aim to produce work of the highest quality. To be able to set high standards and to set ourselves personal goals for improvement. To make the best use of our talents, time and resources.

Community: To demonstrate that we care for both the school community and wider community. To take responsibility for looking after each other and the environment.

Acceptance: To be able to accept other people and their backgrounds, respect diversity and difference. To work cooperatively with others, to be able to identify issues and find solutions. To resolve conflict peacefully.

Risk: To approach any challenge  with a growth mindset and to understand that making mistakes is a key part of learning something new. To give anything a go!

Enterprise: To be innovative and creative with a can-do attitude and a drive to make ideas happen.