Ski Trip 2019

Once again, following the success of our annual ski trip , we are delighted to confirm  that we are now in a position to confirm our next Ski Trip for travel next March.

Listed below is all you information you will require in order to get them 100% ready for their trip.

This page will cover everything from payment, clothing, and communication, to rules and itineraries set by the Wellfield staff.


Meeting Date: Wednesday 13th February 2019 Ski meeting@ Wellfield Middle School 18.00hrs- PLEASE BRING PASSPORT & EHIC


Date of Travel

9th – 16th March 2019


We are going to the resort of The Piolet Hotel in Les Menuires, France, which is approximately 3 hours from arrival airport of Geneva. The skiing and centre of the village are very close to the hotel .  There are plenty of shops and cafes to enjoy after skiing.


Departing Newcastle Saturday 9th March 2019 at 07:15hrs

Newcastle to Geneva

Flight: TOM1648  NCL-GVA


Arriving Newcastle Airport Saturday 16th March from Geneva

Flight: TOM1649 GVA – NCL arrive 12:00hrs


The Newcastle Ski Association has used the resort of The Piolet Hotel previously and extensively.  The hotel, ski facilities and the apres-ski arrangements have been checked by association staff and will be monitored before any groups arrive this season to ensure the best holiday experience is had by all.

The Resort

We are going to the resort of The Piolet Hotel in Les Menuires, France, which is approximately 3 hours from arrival airport of Geneva. The skiing and centre of the village are very close to the hotel .  There are plenty of shops and cafes to enjoy after skiing.


The Hotel

The Piolet Hotel is run and staffed by the British based company Ski Bound, part of the  TUI group. It is situated 100m from the ski lifts and the ski area which spreads over a large area.  The hotel offers a good standard of accommodation with up to four pupils to a room all with en-suite shower and toilet.  There are lounges, a traditional bar area with fantastic views across the frozen lake and surrounding mountains, and a separate restaurant.  I will confirm the exact contact information of the hotel later.

Piolet Clubhotel
Les Boyes
73440 Les Menuires



Beginners will start on the large nursery area  in the centre of the resort. Here they will use the drag lifts and chair lifts before progressing on to the main ski area, reached by chair lift or gondola and cable car.  On this main area beginners and skiers alike have a good choice of runs, down all sides of the mountain. A real sense of achievement is gained by tackling the long runs that are littered around the mountain.

Luggage Allowance

Hold luggage: must be a wheeled suitcase that can be carried by the child (15kg)

Hand Luggage: a small rucksack (max 6kgs)


Clothing/Packing List

Adequate clothing is essential. Temperatures can range from 18/20 degrees to -20/25!!!

With the exception of a few items, there is no need to buy specialist ski clothing.  Please try to label with name as many items as possible to help us when the children leave their equipment lying around, as they invariably do.  All pupils will have the option to hire a good quality ski suit (supplied by the NSSA normally free based on a first-come policy), or borrow/purchase their own. There is no need to purchase extra outer clothing over the jacket and trousers supplied.

  • Jacket (available as above.)

Some children may already have a jacket that is suitable.  It needs to be warm, waterproof or at least shower proof, have snug cuffs and be long enough to keep the kidney area warm.  A hood, whilst useful is not essential.   (Short, fashion jackets are not suitable)

  • Salopettes (available as above.)

These are padded dungaree type trousers designed for skiing.


  • Gloves or mittens

Mittens are slightly warmer and the best protection is offered by fleecy lined waterproof  ones. Fabric gloves, preferably Goretex (a specially designed waterproof, breathable fabric) will suit.  Woolen gloves are not appropriate.  Make sure gloves fit snugly on the wrist and will tuck into jacket sleeves.  It is worth buying a decent pair of gloves.

Any warm woolen type hat will do as long as it covers the ears and does not fall off easily.

  • Socks

You can buy special ski socks which are warm with a loop-stitched lining.  A good fit is essential and most ski socks are “tube-socks” (i.e. with no heel).  Any woolly type socks will do as long as they are not heavily textured or ribbed (this may cause blistering).  At least two pairs of socks will be necessary.

  • Underneath

Under your ski suit you may wear anything that is going to keep you warm. e.g. tights/tracksuit for underneath salopettes if it is extremely cold (not jeans);

Lots of layers on top:- T-shirts, warm long-sleeved shirts or fine polo-necked sweaters/thin fleece tops, with a warm top sweater or sweat-shirt.  If you get too warm it is easy to remove excess clothing but you must make sure you take at least 2-3 changes of clothing to ski in.


  •  Goggles

These are a must, both as protection against the sun (which can cause snow blindness at altitude) and in case of bad weather to keep the snow out of your eyes.  The goggles must have tinted lenses. Alternatively you may use good quality sunglasses but sometimes, if it snows heavily, the snow can get in around the side, making visibility difficult. Goggles fit better with the protective helmets supplied.


  •     Sun Cream

A high protection cream is essential, especially during February and March. If it is sunny the sun is very powerful at altitude, especially with the added reflection from the snow.  A lip salve is also essential.

  • Training shoes/boots

You will need sensible shoes for walking around the village.  Trainers are suitable as are any rubber-soled shoes or boots (not heeled).  A soft soled pair of shoes/trainers will be needed in the hotel.

  • Evening wear

You will need casual clothing to wear in the hotel. Please try to keep “ski clothing” and “evening wear” separate (we will make sure you change out of your ski clothes every evening).

  • Nightwear

Normal night wear although dressing gowns are slippers are not really necessary as the hotel is warm enough and nobody will be coming down to breakfast in their nightwear!

  • Underwear
  • Washing requirements including towels
  • Additional/useful extras

We will ordering school hoodie for £20.00 for all students- Please ensure that you have added your child required size to the comments section of PAYMENTS.

Swimming costume (swimming may be available as an evening activity). The swimming pool in Les Menuires insists on swimming trunks for boys, no shorts are allowed.

Sweets/chocolate (no chewing gum/bubble gum)

Mobile phones are not allowed on the trip. We will take many photos and happily share these with you.

Small electronic devices such as PSP’s/ Ipads are allowed but you must take responsibility for them- I will have a mobile phone for emergency use.

Cameras are allowed but you must take responsibility for them (please ensure they are covered on home insurance if you have concerns of replacement cost if lost or damaged). The excess on the party insurance is usually in the region of £60.

Elastoplast/throat pastilles/aspirin or equivalent (if you allow your child to take them).  Dry/sore throats are common due to the dry atmosphere.

Pens/pencils/crayons etc

Continental adapter for hair-dryers/ straighteners etc


Local suppliers of inexpensive ski equipment

  • TK Maxx
  • Aldi/ Lidl
  • Royal Quays for Tog 24, Trespass, Mountain Warehouse
  • Sports Direct
  • Boundary Mills (Shiremoor)
  • Decathlon

You can also purchase equipment at Blacks, LD Mountain Centre, Nevis Sports, Snow & Rock  but they tend to be more expensive.

Ski Trip Hoodies


We are flying from Newcastle Airport.

Parents will be expected to take their children to the airport and pick them up again. We expect children to have already had breakfast before their arrival at the airport. Also, as the transfer can take it up to 90 minutes, we would advise that a packed-lunch is made for the children to have on the transfer coach. Once we arrive in the resort a text will be sent to inform you of our safe arrival.

On our return, if we know we are going to be delayed, we will operate the same system. I will text all parents about twice through the week to let you know that everything is ok.


Please ensure that your child has their own passport with at least six months validity on the date of return. I will need to take a photocopy of each passport. We will be asking for your passport 2 weeks prior to the trip at our final meeting.


Passports will be labeled with your child’s name for ease during travel and kept by a member of staff.


The party is fully insured in case of accident; illness requiring a doctor or hospital treatment; loss of personal equipment and personal liability.  In order to make the paperwork easier in France we will be asking for your child’s EHIC card to be handed into schools 2 weeks prior to the trip at our final meeting. (this card will be returned to you after the trip.) The application form can be obtained  online; be careful to use the .GOV site not any other that charges for the service as they are free from the central system


All medications (prescription or non prescription) must be detailed on the Medicine Form that is returned to school and then packed in hand luggage or split between hand luggage and hold luggage (checked in luggage)- we would advise that even if medicine is not required during travel, a supply is kept with your child in the rare event of lost luggage.


Medicines, medical equipment and dietary requirements. You’re allowed to carry the following in your hand luggage: essential medicines of more than 100ml, including liquid dietary foodstuffs and inhalers

You’ll need supporting documentation from a relevant medical professional (for example a letter from your doctor or a copy of your prescription).

Airport staff might need to open the containers to screen the liquids at the security point. Medical equipment is screened separately.

Accidents / Illnesses

Minor accidents or ailments will be treated by the staff travelling with the party.  More serious injuries or illnesses will be treated by the local medical services situated in the village.  If your child suffers from any illness or allergy, or is taking any medication, please let me know. Any medicines will be collected in and administered as necessary.

Pocket Money

The amount of pocket money is generally left to the discretion of the parents but I feel it is better that everyone has about the same amount.  £80 is quite adequate.  All pocket money should be provided to child on day of departure, in euros. Additionallyyou may wish to give your child some GB £ for a drink or snack prior to departure in airport lounge. It is basically up to the child what they spend their money on. They will be given the opportunity to buy gifts but knives and alcohol are not allowed (these will be confiscated if bought).  The children will have to buy their ski badge at the end of the week. Water is provided with all meals but if they require anything else it will need to be purchased. At the end of the week they are usually asked to contribute a few euros towards a gift for their ski instructor.

Evening Entertainment

Evening Entertainment

We usually try to organise something different each evening eg disco, treasure hunt, quiz night, “It’s a Knockout” type games, “bum boarding” and other such frivolities! Speed mountain riding and swimming are also available


The children will be given the opportunity to go shopping after skiing. (between 4-6ish) They are usually allowed to go into the village in small groups, checking in and out on leaving and returning, but only before the evening meal; adult supervision is always at hand around the village.  No one is allowed out unaccompanied after the evening meal or after dark.


We will endeavour to communicate as regularly as possible throughout the trip. This will be via SchoolComms and the school Twitter account. We operate a “no news is good news” however you will be informed on arrivals, departures and with regular updates during the trip.


Although we are away to enjoy ourselves, poor behavior will not be tolerated.  It is a reflection on you, your school and your country. All the basic rules are for your safety and enjoyment.  We will be sharing the hotel with other schools and the children will be expected to respond to all members of staff, not just those from their own school.

Basic Rules

  • Some basic rules:-
    • Always conduct yourself in a quiet, sensible manner in and around the hotel.
    • At no time should a pupil wander off on his/her own.  Groups should never consist of less than 3 people when outside the hotel and no-one may leave this group.
    • Once sent to bed you must go to bed, not wander around the corridors or make a noise in your room.  It is very important to get enough sleep because if you become over tired you increase the risk of having an accident.
    • Do not take glass bottles into your room.
    • Do not go into other people’s rooms unless invited to do so.
    • Do not purchase alcohol of any description.
    • Breakages will have to be paid for.  If your room has any damage in it when you arrive inform a member of staff.
    • Please be punctual for your meals and for your ski lessons.  Your ski instructor will tell you where to meet him/her and if you are late he/she may go without you.
    • Skiing is forbidden unless you are with a designated member of staff or a ski instructor.  Never put your skis on until your instructor arrives or a member of staff gives you permission.  Once your ski lesson has finished you must remove your skis. After lessons there may be the opportunity to have extra skiing with members of staff but you must never ski without an adult.  You will be in ski classes for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. You are in France primarily to learn to ski and it is important that you treat your instructor as a teacher and listen carefully at all times.
    • You will be expected to ski every day.  If you are ill you will be allowed to stay in the hotel and a member of staff will stay with you.
    • If your boots are uncomfortable see a member of staff.  If you ski bindings needs adjusting see your ski instructor – do not try to adjust them yourself.
    • Look after your belongings – clothing and ski equipment.  Lost skis, boots and sticks will have to be paid for. Likewise look after your lift pass – a ticket given to you to enable you to use the ski lifts.  If you lose it you will have to buy another one because you cannot get up the mountain without it.
    • Travel in something comfortable.  Wear your ski jacket to save packing it.  Take a small bag as hand luggage. (a small packed lunch is a good idea as the ongoing bus journey is approx 3 hours.) Luggage allowance – 20kgs.  Labels will be given out later.
    • You must eat properly.  Food provides energy and you will need plenty of this!  Try all the food offered – it’s usually quite edible and having been here last year I can vouch for a high standard of cuisine (my waistline proved it!).

Medical Information & Forms

Please return a copy of these Ski 2019 Medical Forms, and  if required the Medicine Form.


We also require the information below to be completed by the 1st January.


Depart: Saturday 9th March 2019

Arrive at Newcastle Airport: (TBC)

Arrive in resort, settle into rooms, issue of ski equipment, get to know the resort evening meal evening activity.  Bed at approximately 10pm.

Daily Itinerary

Breakfast 7:45am

Ski lessons 9am – 11am

Supervised skiing 11am – 12 noon if applicable

Lunch 12noon – 1pm

Ski lessons 1.30pm – 3.30pm

Supervised skiing 3.30pm – 4.30pm if applicable

Shower, change, free time/shopping 4.30pm – 6.30pm

Evening meal 6.30pm

Evening activity 7.30pm

Bed 10pm

Final day: There will be a ski test and a slalom race.

Hand in ski equipment

After ski lessons you will have to pack

Evening activity – Presentation of ski awards followed by a disco

These times are all approximate at the moment as times of meals/lessons etc are to be confirmed.  Supervised skiing may not be offered every day, if we feel that the children are getting too tired we will insist that they rest.  The likelihood of accidents is increased with tiredness. Likewise with bedtimes, these will be flexible, depending on the tiredness of the children.