Germany Trip 2022/2023 (Year 8)

Germany Trip 2022/2023 (Year 8)

Dear Parent / Carer

We are pleased to now be able to share with you the details of the Germany trip which due to COVID restrictions meant your child could not attend last academic year.

We will be travelling by ferry to Amsterdam and then by coach to the Rhineland. Our exact itinerary is yet to be confirmed, but we are aiming to visit a chocolate museum in Cologne, cruising down the river Rhein to Koblenz, and we will be enjoying a day of fun at Phantasialand theme park.

Where: Rhineland, Germany.

When: Sunday 25th June – Friday 30th June 2023

Travelling from Newcastle to Amsterdam by ferry and from Amsterdam to the Rhineland by coach.

Cost £642 (based on 50 children) There is an additional cost of £42 as we have included meals on the ferry

Payment Schedule is included in the “PAYMENT” section of our School Gateway App

A meeting will be taking place in May 2023 for parents to discuss details of the trip and an information pack will be sent out prior to this with any next steps, including clothing lists etc.

Kindest regards

Yours faithfully

Mrs L Morgan