School to Home Communication

Important Medical Updates from Public Health England

‘Bumps to the Head’

From next term, if your child sustains a head injury in school which is not an emergency, you will receive a text message from the office , rather than a phone call.
The call is for information only – it means having been assessed by a first aider they are fine and have gone back to their lesson.
If however it is an emergency or your child does require treatment/someone to collect them, we will contact you in the normal way by telephone.
Thank you for your support.

School Gateway

Our  App for contacting parents and collecting payments


Over the last few years, we have found text messaging is the best way to reach parents. We know you appreciate hearing from us directly to your mobile phone, however in the past you couldn’t reply to those texts.


Our new APP will allow us to message you and also enable you to reply directly to us. We believe this will make communication between home and school much easier for both parents and school.

Furthermore, we are also moving to a cashless payment system, which means that you can pay for trips and activities using the new School Gateway system.

This is a much more secure and convenient system than paying by cash or cheques. Payments can be made any time of the day and will normally reach the school within one hour. An electronic record is kept of all payments made to your son or daughter’s account for your information. This prevents payments from being lost or stolen.


The School Gateway will benefit both you, your child and the school enormously.


Getting Started


Activating your School Gateway account is quick and easy to do. Have ready the email address and mobile number that the school currently use to contact you.


Downloading the app:

Please download School Gateway from your app store (Android and iPhone). It will ask you to enter your email address and phone number. A pin is then sent to your phone, which you will use to activate your account.




For those parents without a smartphone, you can visit the website: and click on ‘New User’. Enter your email address and mobile phone number and you’ll receive a text message with a PIN number. Use this PIN to log into School Gateway.


Trouble logging in? It may be because school doesn’t have your current email and mobile phone number on record. Please contact school and we’ll update the details on our system.


We hope that you will find School Gateway to be a fast and easy way to pay for school items.


Please contact the school if you have any problems getting started.



Yours sincerely



Susan Winter
Head Teacher