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Year 7 and 8 Ski trip

Wellfield ski-trip (2016/2017)

Question and answers


The cost of the trip is £770. The trip will take place from the 25th of February to the 4th of March. The skiing resort will be in France at Alpe Dhuez (hotel Vallee Blanche). We will be getting a flight from NCL to Geneva and then a 2 and a half hour transfer to the hotel.


Q- When does the full amount need to be paid by?

The full payment needs to be paid by January at the very latest.


Q- When does the deposit need to be paid by?

The deposit needs to be paid by the 1st November.


Q- How many members of staff will be attending?

The ratio will be at least 1 teacher to every 10 students.


Q- Do we have to take our children to the airport or will they be meeting at school?

We will all be meeting at Wellfield at a specific time and getting a coach to the airport together.


Q- Do we have to buy all of their skiing equipment?

Skis, boots, helmets and passes are all included in the price. You can buy ski suits, ski gloves and ski goggles/sunglasses cheap at Aldi or TK Maxx. (A kit list will be sent out)


Q- How many children will be in a room?

Rooms accommodate 2’s/3’s and 4’s.


Q- What else, if anything, does the trip include?

The trip will include evening events such as bum boarding, shopping, discos, awards ceremony, ice skating and others.


Q- How much spending money will my child need?

€10 per day is more than enough.


Q- What if my child does not like or is allergic to some foods?

The evening meal will consist of 2 courses. The staff will have details of any allergies and the kitchen will always have different options. If there is still nothing that the student likes, the kitchen will try their best to provide alternatives.


Q-What is the bag allowance for the plane?

Each child has a 20kg bag allowance and is allowed a carry-on too.


Q- What if my child is sick and can’t attend/ gets injured while on the trip?

The trip is fully insured. If you’re child gets injured during the trip there is no medical excess to pay. If they cannot participate a member of staff will stay with them throughout the trip.


Q- Will my child be allowed to take their phone?

No mobile phones or electronic devices are allowed on the trip. If children would like to take photographs, parents/carers will have to sign a form to state that it is their child’s responsibility to take care of their camera. The teachers will send a text out to all parents/carers on arrival and try their best to update the school twitter page with photographs.