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Wellfield Writes 2015

Wellfield Writes


We held a writing themed learning day today,  and found many different inspirations for writing.

Groups of pupils visited  the beach and a graveyard,  and then returned to school and wrote about their experiences.


Other groups created ebooks,  experimented with invisible ink,  made gingerbread men and wrote stories about them,  created word art, created Arthurian Legends, and made shields and swords, and even wrote on the playground and the windows!


Reflections: I loved Themed Learning Day. I was in Group 7 and I learned so much. First, we did writing in Room 9, but not just any old writing! When I first heard we were doing writing, I thought we were going to write a plain old story. But this is Themed Learning Day!

We started off with some warm - ups: we wrote things related to a theme on a whiteboard, and then we wrote things related to a window from A - Z in groups. The main thing we did was writing an acrostic poem to write on windows.

After lunch, we made secret messages in the Lab using invisible ink (Baking Soda/Lemon Juice) and Bunsen burners. Once we did that we wrote instructions on how to make a secret message using invisible ink on a paper plate. It was an astounding day! Overall, I would give it ten out of ten and full marks!

Charlotte, Y5


I really enjoyed going to the church and graveyard, it was really fun. I particularly liked learning about the Hartley Pit Disaster, that was extremely interesting. The part I liked the best was creating my gravestone and writing my scary story.

By Sophie, 5M



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