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Last year's School Council had an inspection in the Summer Term to see whether they met the criteria for a 'Chairman's Award' and have been eagerly awaiting the results. The wait was over for them when it was revealed in a special assembly this week attended by Councillor David McGarr, the Chairman of North Tyneside Council.

Councillor McGarr gave a speech and congratulated our school council on it's contribution to school life and democracy and presented our Silver Award.

Well done to all of School Council members, we are very proud of you!

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North Tyneside's Participation & Advocacy Team are recruiting young talented  bands and young solo artists to audition for a chance to perform at The Event @ Segedunum 2016.


The 2016 Young Mayor’s Event @ Segedunum will take place in the historic grounds of the Segedunum Roman Fort, Wallsend, on Saturday 2nd July.


If you are aged 11 (in year 7&8) to 18 and live or study in North Tyneside would you like to take part in North Tyneside’s outdoor music festival, we want to hear from you!


Auditions will be held at the Y Studio, Queen Alexandra Sixth Form, Queen Alexandra Road, NE29 9BZ


Anyone interested should complete an application form below and return back to


The opportunity to apply will close at noon on Thursday 25th February.


An audition panel made up of elected Young Mayor and a few youth councillors will decide on who  will perform on 2nd July, the winning band/performer voted by the young audience will get a chance to perform on the big stage at Mouth of the Tyne Festival the following week.

School Council Meeting- Pupil Voice

January 2016


School council gave their views on Science at Wellfield.


Science is good at Wellfield because…

  • as well as all the technical written work, there is a hands on approach, making it unique and fun;

  • practical experiments are fun;

  • we all learn lots;

  • everyone is hooked in (not boring);

  • we act and make models;

  • to help us learn, lessons are fun, an example of this is instead of writing things in books, we write in chalk outside;

  • we have take-away homework;

  • we use ICT in Science;

  • scientists come in and talk about their jobs and we go on trips.


Good Science is when…

  • we’re learning whilst having fun;

  • we are investigating;

  • Doing experiments and people come into school to show us stuff;

  • you see your progress in all science subjects;

  • there are not only good lessons but there are also extra-curricular activities, trips and visitors;

  • It teaches us to be safe and helps us get a job in the future.

School council Meeting - Pupil Voice


School council completed an online survey about tutor time and collective worship.

'Skilled Up' Certificates presented in assembly

'Skilled Up' Certificates presented in assembly 1
'Skilled Up' Certificates presented in assembly 2
'Skilled Up' Certificates presented in assembly 3

Skilled up Training with Julia Bradwell

Friday 13th November 2015


It has been a busy day for school council, they have had a whole day of 'Skilled Up' training delivered by Julia Bradwell, our Participation and Advocacy Development Officer from North Tyneside. She commented on how great the children were at discussing issues and generating ideas.


They spent a lot of the day discussing making positive changes in school and are going to work closely with staff to make the lunchtime experience more positive for everyone. They have made campaigns, written letters and drafted rotas and other ideas. So watch out, things should be changing very soon.


If you have anything you would like to raise about lunchtime arrangements or anything in school, your class representatives are the people to talk to.


Regular meetings will take place throughout the year with Miss McElderry and there are many exciting plans being made.

Walk Once a Week (WOW) scheme & International Walk to School Month

KS2 Reps took part in their first event in their new role. It was organised by Living Streets (the UK charity for everyday walking) to celebrate International Walk to School Month and was held at Newcastle’s Quayside and the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art.


Pupils took part in a walking treasure hunt and pedometer challenge, where they walked over two of Newcastle/Gateshead’s iconic bridges - can you tell which ones?


They visited the Baltic and worked with artist Angela Kennedy, pupils created their own wearable art using recycled materials and everyday treasures. Focusing on the treads of their shoes and patterns and shapes left by their footprints.


Don’t forget to take part in the WOW scheme KS2 and earn a collectable badge every month. Remember, even if you live quite far from school and travel by car, you can still take part, just get dropped off further away from school than usual and walk the rest of the way!

Walk to School Month

Walk to School Month 1
Walk to School Month 2
Walk to School Month 3
Walk to School Month 4
Walk to School Month 5
Walk to School Month 6
Walk to School Month 7
Walk to School Month 8
Walk to School Month 9
Walk to School Month 10
Walk to School Month 11
Walk to School Month 12
Walk to School Month 13
Walk to School Month 14

Democratic voting takes place at Wellfield!

9th October 2015


During Be Spirited lessons, pupils have discussed what democracy means, why school council is important and what qualities a class representative should have.


Those that wanted to put themselves forward, wrote manifestos and delivered them to their classmates (some even produced posters to support their election campaign). There were some excellent speeches and ideas put forward to improve our school. A democratic voting process took place in all classes and our new representatives appointed.


The successful candidates are:

5KB - Charlie T and Charlotte P            6SB- Ryan and Finlay E

5GY - Lewis  and Kate                           6SE- Evan and Hattie

5HM - Sam N and Constance                6KW- Jasmine and Thomas


7EN - Jamie and Millie                         8DB- Jay and Alex

7KB-    Tom and Lucia                           8SR- Josh and Ellie

7PF-    Neve and Elliott                        8SO- Nicholas and Lewis

Half-termly meetings will commence very soon.

Newly appointed School Council Reps

Newly appointed School Council Reps 1

School Council 2014/15 meet Councillor Mulvenna

School Council 2014/15 meet Councillor Mulvenna 1
The chairman of North Tyneside Council, Councillor Tommy Mulvenna, visited our Student Council at school to talk to them about democracy, and the role of the council and it's councillors.   He brought with him the North Tyneside coat of arms, mace and chains of office, and explained the significance of each of these,  as well as the history of North Tyneside and it's creation from 5 smaller boroughs in 1974.

Skilled Up Training

22nd May 2015 

Julia Bradwell delivered training

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Meeting with Mr Richardson

21st May 2015

Sharing ideas from their form class about ways to improve the porch area.

School Council News

By Amelia Harrison School Council Representative for 6B   


All of school council are currently deciding what to redecorate and upgrade in our school as we have been saving up money. As it is our school we would like suggestions from staff and children for what can be added, to either upgrade or decorate the school. If you are interested in the welfare of the school please leave SENSIBLE suggestions in the box at reception which will be there from the Monday we come back to the end of that week.

Also, Miss McElderry has been informed about a website called The Giving Machine: and thinks this would be a good way for school council to raise funds. This is where if you are shopping online at one of the participating retailers, a free donation (from the money that you have spent) will go to our school or any charity of your choice. It’s really simple, you enter your favourite shops via TheGivingMachine and a percentage of your shopping bill is converted into a cash donation for the school, at no extra cost to you. With over 600 stores participating including Sainsbury’s, Argos, Sports Direct, Amazon, John Lewis and Tesco taking part, you can really help make a difference. This will then give us lots more money to spend on our school.
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Civic Suite Visit

18th March 2015


Our School Council are involved in a pilot scheme, called the Chairman's School Council Award, which is the first of it's kind in North Tyneside.


To achieve the award our school council have to learn a lot about British Values, such as, democracy, particularly in North Tyneside and how our councils runs. They visited the Civic Suite of North Tyneside Council Headquarters today and met with Chairman Councillor Mulvenna for a very informative and fun discussion.


The Chairman shared a wealth of information as well as some jokes, they were even lucky enough to wear the full costume and chains worth over £16,000 and sit in a very prestigious chair.


Our students were a credit to our school, asking lots of pertinent questions and proving to have a wealth of knowledge also, teaching the Chairman a few things. 

Time Capsule

20th November 2014


As part of our 60th anniversary celebrations,  the school council have buried a time capsule containing artifacts from modern life. Each class was asked to suggest items to be included in the time capsule, and they were all placed in the tube provided by Northern Gas,  who came along and helped the students to bury it this morning.