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Read what pupils thought of the lectures.

Jacob - The chemistry lecture was about the elements inside of our body, and it involved elements like oxygen and hydrogen, even metals like copper, iron and magnesium. The lecture was an interesting experience, the lecturers did tests to see how flammable different elements were and showed us where the elements occurred in our bodies. All of the tests were exciting and although they were lecturing us, they let us join in. The liquid nitrogen test was the best; the Doctor showed us how cold it was and told us you would have to get limbs amputated if you froze your hand in it. Then he got some rubber tube and put it in the liquid nitrogen to show how it completely changed its properties. they froze flowers as well. it was all very interesting and has made me want to try chemistry.


Ryan - I thought that the science lecture was very interesting due to the experiments which were involved. The teachers from the university showed us that jelly babies contain a lot of glucose making a bright flame surprisingly lasting for around 20 seconds. The jelly babies were put into melted potassium chloride causing a bright lilac and lots of smoke. They then did another test with two balloons; red containing helium and yellow containing hydrogen. The balloon that contained helium popped but because the hydrogen was mixed with oxygen the balloon gave off a big burst of flame, although not visible, water vapour was given off as hydrogen+oxygen=water  H2O. And the last experiment was with a big bottle containing ethanol and one of the teachers (Dr Hoare) place a lighted splint over the top causing an amazing burst of flames.


Maisie -The science lecture was about chemical elements of the periodic table and they showed us lots of experiments. They showed us some experiments with balloons and what happened when you heated them. The first one was filled with helium and when lit it popped whereas the second one was filled with hydrogen and it went boom. They got everyone involved too by asking us to do the experiments!


Abigail - The science lecture was about different elements of the periodic table and they showed us lots of different experiments to do with the different elements.

We blew up a balloon with our hands as it had carbon dioxide inside of it so when we warmed the balloon up using our hands it got bigger.

They also asked for lots of volunteers so we weren’t just watching we could also get involved.


Dan - When we went to Newcastle college there was a lot of interesting experiments that we saw and took part in. My favourite experiment was a one where there was a balloon filled with hydrogen, when somebody popped it with a candle there was a big fireball! Another good experiment was when a flower was put into liquid nitrogen (-196 degrees celsius) and froze so much it was like glass!   


Alexander - The Chemistry lecture was an educational experience and I learned a lot about the flammability of different elements that are found inside our body. Also we looked at liquid nitrogen, dry ice and an experiment called ‘the flaming jelly baby.’


Issac - I think the chemistry lecture was interesting and had lots practical experiments that engaged us and made us think. We learned about the Elements of health such as liquid helium used to super-cool MRI scanners and oxygen masks used to supply more oxygen needed than in the air to patients in a state of panic.


Phoebe -I think the chemistry lecture was very informative and educational. I learnt lots of interesting facts including- Sun cream contains zinc oxide, which protects us from UVB and UVA. Also we were shown how much energy a jelly baby contains, by it making the flame go lilac and cause a screaming noise. I also found out that MRI scanners contain liquid helium. And also dry ice is -78 degrees.  


Taylor - The lecture was very fun but also interesting. We learned about the elements which we need as humans to survive. we learnt how we can test how much energy is in a jelly baby because of the glucose.


Oliver - The Chemistry lecture, hosted at Newcastle College was a brilliant experience in my opinion. Different experiments were carried out in the lecture, Which the elements used shown how fascinating chemistry. Liquid Nitrogen was a highly used substance in many experiments with the temperature at -196 degrees celsius.


Neve - I thought that the trip was really good and we all learned some interesting facts. I especially enjoyed when the balloon was filled with hydrogen and someone from another school popped it with a candle on a stick. In addition, I like when the flower was dipped in liquid nitrogen and it smashed like glass. It was a very good trip and the lecturers were really nice and explained everything from why pregnant ladies need calcium to how our liver is 86% water!


Lola - I enjoyed the Science lecture to Newcastle college, it was actually really interesting, The lecturers were really nice and I thought it was amazing how each experiment was different, my favourite one was the hydrogen balloon that exploded into a fireball! My favourite fact throughout the whole lecture was that skin is 70% water.