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Out of School

This one is neighly ready for the Olympics! (Neighly - get it?)

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  1 Amazing archery....beating lots of adults!

  1 Streetdancing champ! Well done!
Picture 1 Brill gymnastics medals! The only person to get 2!

    1 Gymnastics championships in Florida! Wow!

Super Singing

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  1 Superb swimming strokes! Amazing!
Picture 1 These gymnastic medals were won on one day!

Sensational Singing!

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What a revolting song! Very soon, this song will be performed for the mayor.
Picture 1 A speech from our very own national gymnast! Wow!
Picture 1 Superb squash plate! Well done!
Picture 1 A huge amount of books read!
Picture 1 Brilliant boxing medal....keep out of his way!
Picture 1 Rosettes for terrific horse riding! Well done!