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Author of 'Millions' writes to Year 6

Year 6 are loving their class reader this term, Millions by Frank Cottrell Boyce. They are engrossed in the story and relish the chance to discuss the key themes of: money, religion, happiness and death. It has inspired many opportunities to write from the characters' perspectives, as well as 'hot seating' and discussing what they would do with a pile of cash.


During assembly this week, Miss McElderry announced that there had been a rather surprising delivery that very day and that she had had no idea about it. Frank Cottrell Boyce had sent a letter to her class and enclosed a fake £20 note prop from the film version of the book. He wrote a warming letter after seeing a tweet from the class about enjoying the book and their learning around it. 


We all very much appreciate this kind act shown by the author of such an inspiring, humorous and thought-provoking book. He has most definitely gained a few hundred more fans and we look forward to reading many other books from his collection in the future.