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Yamaha Music School Assembly

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Yamaha Music School Assembly

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Outstanding achievement girls

Outstanding achievement girls  1

Year 8 Rock and Roll Factsheets

Year 8 Rock and Roll Factsheets 1
Year 8 Rock and Roll Factsheets 2
Year 8 Rock and Roll Factsheets 3
Year 8 Rock and Roll Factsheets 4

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning 1
Outdoor Learning 2
Outdoor Learning 3
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They've got rhythmn

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Year 6 Drumming Work

Year 6 Drumming Work 1
Year 6 Drumming Work 2
Year 6 Drumming Work 3
Year 6 Drumming Work 4
Our Year 5 classes have been enjoying guitar workshops during their music lessons. Mr Peacock, our current guitar tutor, has been teaching the pupils how to play a wide variety of songs. The students have also been learning the different parts of the guitar. 

Year 5 Guitar Workshops

Year 5 Guitar Workshops  1
Year 5 Guitar Workshops  2
Year 5 Guitar Workshops  3
Year 5 Guitar Workshops  4
Year 5 Guitar Workshops  5
Year 5 Guitar Workshops  6

Whitley Bay Jazz Band Visit Wellfield

Whitley Bay Jazz Band Visit Wellfield  1
Whitley Bay Jazz Band Visit Wellfield  2

The Whitley Bay Jazz Band came into school today to teach the Year 5's a little bit about instruments. They sang songs like Beyond the Sea and Finding Nemo and they played it very well too. They were playing instruments such as: drums, guitar, flute, saxophone and the trumpet. They even had someone singing. They played tunes and the Year 5's had to guess where it was from and they seemed to enjoy it. They were teaching the Year 5's about the instruments and played a tune on them to demonstrate the sound. 

Review by Jason Brown and David Collins 8H

Today, Whitley Bay Jazz band came into our school to give the Year 5 pupils a guide to the instruments. The orchestra was made up of many instruments, played extremely well, such as: saxophones, flutes and trombones; there were some very talented singers and many more instrumentalists. They played songs such as: Somewhere Beyond the Sea, Come Fly with Me and The Theme from Star Wars to name a few. The Year 5's totally enjoyed it and were dancing along as the talented school played. It was a brilliant performance that we would recommend anyone to go and see. Well done Whitley Bay Jazz Band. 

Review by Madison Mason-Tipple and William Ord    8R

Year 8 Music Technology

Year 8 Music Technology  1
Year 8 Music Technology  2
Year 8 Music Technology  3
Our Year 8 students are currently working on a music technology unit. They are developing their compositional skills using the music app GarageBand. 

Yamaha Music School Visit Wellfield

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Pupils experience a wide variety of musical activities which include opportunities to compose and perform, listen and appraise. They study music from several periods of history and listen to many different composers. Knowledge and skills gained through those activities help them to compose well structured music of their own.

At present we are able to provide extra-curricular tuition in  steel pans, brass, guitar and keyboard playing. Please note that the costs of extra tuition unfortunately have to be met by parents.  We also run an vibrant school choir, who has had much local success.    At Christmas time,  we have a hand-bell club.

Pupils have enjoyed workshops with visiting musicians.