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Lease Scheme 2017

Ipad Ordering Instructions for incoming Years 5 & 6


If you have opted to lease an iPad,  please follow these instructions to place an order.  These can also be found on our website.


To start, go to the registration page


This is the place to sign up for the 36 month scheme, so if your child is in Year 7 please contact us at


On there you will need to enter the name of your child, what year the child is in and add your own phone number and email address. Fill out all fields to go to the next section.

You will need to enter your address and set a password, which must have at least one Capital letter, at least one number and at least one non-letter character (such as an exclamation mark).


An email will be sent to that email address and when you click on it you will be directed to the portal and can sign in to tell us what iPad and case you would like. If you do not receive that email verification, please contact The bundle you choose includes an iPad of your choice, a case and 3 years of warranty and insurance. You can choose to pay monthly over 36 equal monthly instalments or all in one go if you prefer. Please note that you must select all options as you work through the page. Even the memory capacity where only one is available. Options will have a green border once selected. If you do not see a price at the bottom of the screen, please check that you haven’t missed an item.


You will need your bank account number and sort code for the direct debit, even if you choose to make a single payment for the whole amount rather than monthly payments. Payment collections will not start until the iPads have been delivered to school, which should happen in the early September if everyone can order quickly.

If you have problems with the portal, please contact Jigsaw24 directly using the email address


Thank you for joining this exciting scheme!