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iCloud Account Setup

iPads used in school use a school AppleId for iCloud, and can use a personal AppleID for the App Store if required.  The School iCloud account must be setup on the iPad in order for it to link to our Apple Classroom system, but the App store is optional.


You will have been provided with

  • a school iCloud account, in the format
  • a temporary 4 digit password which you will be required to change, 
  • a verification code which you may or may not require.  If you don't need it, it's not a problem.


If you don't have these details, or need the password or verification code resetting,  please contact Mrs Stephenson



How to setup your AppleID

Still image for this video
This shows how to login to both the school AppleID for iCloud and your personal AppleId for the AppStore.

If you are new to Apple, you can set up your own AppleID here.

You will need to do this to install personal Apps on the school iPads.   All apps required in school will be installed for the pupils and they do not need to use an AppleID for these apps.