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Cinema Trip December 2013

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This film is a Disney film and is made by the makers of Tangled. If you get the chance, watch it as it is now one of my favourite Disney films and I’ve only just seen it this morning.

Frozen, is for family fun and everyone will enjoy it. My favourite character is Olaf because he is a snowman and really funny. Although, I also really like Grandpa Pabbies because he is rock who rolls and transforms into a troll and can also heal people.

Remember sweets, popcorn and a drink. Could this be the film for you?

By Tiana 5E


Frozen, is a nice, funny movie for family and friends. It’s about Elsa, an ice queen who is cursed with ice powers and has a little sister Anna who doesn’t have any powers.

When they were young, Elsa accidently hit Anna in the head with her ice powers and then when it was her Coronation Day, she froze the kingdom of Arendell in July. Elsa runs away and Anna is determined to find her and bring back summer.

By Abbie 5E


Frozen is a Disney film and it really gets you into the Christmas mood. It is suitable for all ages and you’ll love Olaf, the snowman, he is the funniest of all the characters.

By Charlie 5E


Frozen is an amazing film and it will make you laugh. It is about two sisters, one has powers, Elsa and the other doesn’t, Anna.

When they were young, Elsa hurt Anna but Anna could not remember this or that she had powers. Then when it was Elsa’s Coronation, she froze her kingdom by accident. She ran away and her sister Anna tries to find her.

By Natasha 5E



Frozen is one of the best films in the world. It is a really Christmassy film and gets you ready for Christmas. It is about a village that gets covered in ice.

By Owen 5E


Olaf was my favourite character because he was funny. He is a snowman who keeps losing his body parts. He was made by two girls called Anna and Elsa.

By Henry 5E