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BBC Microbit

Introducing the BBC micro:bit - BBC Make It Digital The Microbit is a pocket-sized codable computer that will be given out to all year 7 students for free in the autumn 2015. This film shows what it can do.

Our year 7's have been getting to know their Microbits this week,  and doing some simple coding on them.


They will all be bringing home their own devices which they can program either on the BBC website,  or by downloading an App on to a tablet or smartphone.


Here are a collection of links which may be useful.

Getting Started - for Parents

Linking your microbit to a tablet or smartphone


Rock Paper Scissors

Still image for this video
Some of our year 7 pupils created a Rock Paper Scissors game using the Touch Develop language.

There are lots of tutorials on the BBC website that you can try.

Most of our students have created the Minecraft creeper face

Some of our students have also tried the Rock Paper Scissors game.


Minecraft Creeper Face



If you want more tutorials,  there are some in the quick start guide, and plenty more on the Microbit website and the MAKE website


Block Editor tutorials, oTouch Develop editor, and once you've mastered those, you could try some Javascript or Python.